Sitting at a table, knowing how to hold utensils correctly, eating with good manners and poise is rarely seen. It can be scary when seated at a table, and you don't know what the proper etiquette is, what to use first, and know which glass or bread plate is yours. These skills are essential to have.

This module will be fun and interactive. You will learn the art of setting a table, how to use utensils, appropriate manners, and behavior. You will learn cross-cultural dining etiquette and become more aware of social surroundings and situations.


Etiquette follows naturally once your foundational skills get refined, creating a baseline for a stable platform in your life. Social etiquette is more important than you may think for building confidence and helping manage situations.

In this module, you will learn proper introductions, handshake, eye contact and body language and how these can affect any interaction. You will learn how to speak with the right tone with clarity, resulting in skills that will make that lasting first impression.

Module Content 



"No matter who you are or what you do, your behavior will have a direct impact on your professional and social success."