Early in my life, I had the opportunity to attend a finishing school which focused mainly on etiquette, manners and elegance. The lessons I learned from that experience have been invaluable throughout my adult life. In fact, it helped define who I am and how I wanted to live my life.
Fast forward 30 years, a lot has changed. Changes in social behaviors, economy, and access to information and, of course, time availability. Coming from 24 years of industry experience in the corporate world, it was time to retire and work with children on their transitions in life.

Thus, LE PONT VERS LA ViE ACADÉMiE was born, a modern day refinement and finishing school for children and teenagers.  As a mother, I understand parenting and time constraints, as I have them too.  The ACADÉMiE is here to be additive to your child’s life. All of the modules are to help provide a bridge for children to use as they develop who they are and how they will define themselves.

Foundational skills are critical. Teaching children to be conscious of their behavior in any circumstance is key. Having the ability to create first and lasting impressions with good posture and poise, body language and speech is an invaluable skill in modern society. When a child masters these foundational skills, it impacts their confidence among other things, in a positive manner. During years as an executive, I have had many interactions and exposure to young people joining the workforce, most lack basic etiquette knowledge. This will hold them back if they do not have strong mentors to help coach them. 

So why not help your child be more prepared?  The academy will encourage children to think more broadly about how they present themselves and to whom to look up to as role models.

LE PONT VERS LA ViE, translated into English from French, means THE BRiDGE TOWARD LiFE.  The Académie is exactly the life preparation your child needs.