Sitting at a table, knowing how to hold utensils correctly, eating with good manners and poise is rarely seen. It can be scary when seated at a table, and you don't know what the proper etiquette is, what to use first, and know which glass or bread plate is yours. These skills are essential to have.

This module will be fun and interactive. You will learn the art of setting the table, how to use utensils, appropriate manners, and behavior. You will learn cross-cultural dining etiquette and become more aware of social surroundings and situations.


Every child loves to experiment, taking this curiosity into the kitchen and allowing them to explore is magical. Our young learners will immerse themselves into the culinary art, learn the necessities of making Mom and Dad breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They will learn to create and bring home their amazing creations for you to enjoy.


From clay time to paint time, our children get to immerse themselves in creative activities. Learning excursions include outings in their local communities as well as creative tutorials. Afternoon activities include museums, libraries, performing arts centers as well as local community events. 

Free play - learning and exploring.

Having good manners is not a gift, it’s a necessity. It will open doors for you that may never have opened.  No matter what your background or upbringing you can rise above anything with having good manners.  People are attracted to individuals with excellent manners, even if they don’t have impeccable manners themselves, they will start to look up to you and think you are exceptional. ​

This module will teach you the value of manners, refine what you already know and make you more respectable.​