Preparing for your college application or your first job interview can be daunting. Resumés are so important and should be well written. Knowing what to include and what not to include is essential. They need to be tailored for each job, aligning to the requirements. These skills will never be forgotten and always put to use when preparing for a college application or job interviews.  

This module will teach you tips and tricks to make your applications and your resumé stand out above the rest.


Having good manners is not a gift, it’s a necessity. It will open doors for you that may never have opened.  No matter what your background or upbringing you can rise above anything with having good manners.  People are attracted to individuals with excellent manners, even if they don’t have impeccable manners themselves, they will start to look up to you and think you are exceptional. ​

This module will teach you the value of manners, refine what you already know and make you more respectable.​


Technology can be an enabler or an inhibitor. You will learn the Do's and Don’t's of social media. What you post is who you are! 
Prospective (colleges and employers) as part of background screening will look at your online profiles and make an assessment based on what they see that depicts who you are and how you behave.  

Nothing on the Internet is private! Make sure your digital footprint is one to be proud of.



Etiquette follows naturally once your foundational skills get refined, creating a baseline for a stable platform in your life. Social etiquette is more important than you may think for building confidence and helping manage situations.

In this module, you will learn proper introductions, handshake, eye contact and body language and how these can affect any interaction. You will learn how to speak with the right tone with clarity, resulting in skills that will make that lasting first impression.




Sitting at a table, knowing how to hold utensils correctly, eating with good manners and poise is rarely seen. It can be scary when seated at a table, and you don't know what the proper etiquette is, what to use first, and know which glass or bread plate is yours. These skills are essential to have.

This module will be fun and interactive. You will learn the art of setting a table, how to use utensils, appropriate manners, and behavior. You will learn cross-cultural dining etiquette and become more aware of social surroundings and situations.

To converse is a necessary skill for almost everything in life. Using correct grammar, speaking with the right tone with clarity, learning to animate and emphasize key points and maintaining the active conversation is invaluable. Regardless of how skilled or talented you are, not being able to converse correctly could damage potential opportunities for you. Conversations will introduce you to people, people who could be your future employer, mentor or friend. Mastering the art of conversation can help you be more successful in your social circles, at school, at work and even at home.

You will learn tips to master a conversation and what not to do in a conversation. For example: do not use filler words such as “like”, “um” and “uh”.

Being a young adult can be stressful at most. Figure out what matters to you and why. How does that match up with your values while dealing with all the social pressure and influences? 

You will learn to focus on you, who you are, and how to begin crafting your personal brand, making you unique. 

You are as beautiful inside as you are out. Wearing makeup to enhance your features is an art; you will learn amazing techniques to help you. You will gain a better understanding of health and nutrition and why this is so beneficial. 

This module will teach you to be more health conscious, wearing the right hairstyle based on the shape of your face and of course how to wear makeup that looks natural.


You can wear the loveliest clothes, but with bad posture and poor poise, you will ruin the view.  Bad posture and poise are seen everywhere too often. It can be a sign of low self-esteem and little confidence or merely a non-caring attitude.  

This module will teach you how to sit, stand, walk and hold yourself properly. 

There is an unspoken and spoken dress code. No need for a flashy wardrobe to dress appropriately for any occasion. There is an art to looking respectable no matter what the occasion.

This module will teach you how to dress for any occasion, casual or formal and everything you need to know to present yourself.